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AGMC is the continuation of our lifelong devotion to improving global security. In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, where security threats do not operate in a vacuum, we equip our clients with intelligence and practices that help them mitigate complex risk and remain safe physically, commercially, legally, and ethically.

AGMC is a global intelligence and security consultancy that helps clients in the public and private sectors enhance their ability to identify, assess, and successfully operate in high-risk, high-opportunity environments.

Headquartered in Switzerland, with representation in France, United States of America, Belgium, Britain, Dubai, and India, we focus on the most important geostrategic challenges of our time, addressing existing fault lines and anticipating emerging trend lines.

We enable and support informed strategic and tactical decisions that maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

Our team is made up of unique combination of highly respected and experienced men and women from the intelligence, criminalistic and educational sectors, the military, law enforcement, and government, with firmly rooted relationships in these agencies and services - and across international, federal, state, and local governance.

We are fluent in culture and language across the Middle East, Africa, Eastern, Southern, and Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.

We have travelled and visited different nations and observed situations in conflict zones and worked and in centers of policy and practice in the major cities of the world.

We are authors, academics, and advisors to leaders, institutions, nations, world-leading institutions   and private sector clients.


Our Expertise

  • Intelligence Services
  • Market Advisory
  • Security Consulting
  • Compliance
  • Specialized Training
  • Community Advisory
  • Disinformation Response
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Speaker Engagements

Intelligence Services

Our unique combination of experience, access, and on-the-ground insight enables us to provide the most accurate, realistic, up-to-the minute intelligence and analysis, and to translate this knowledge into practical, real-world applications for our clients.

Our services include strategic consultancy on geostrategic threats; geopolitical risk analysis at the country, region, or subregion level addressing risks and threats to people, property, and commerce; discreet reputation risk investigation at state, corporate, and individual levels; travel risk assessment by destination and along travel corridors; cybersecurity risk assessment of existing and emerging threats; personnel investigation/vetting for both staff and partners; and independent investigation and consultative services including foreign compliance threat review, and risk management.

Strategic Consultancy

Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Reputation Risk Investigation

Travel Risk Assessment

Cyber Risk Assessment

Personnel Investigation/Vetting

Investigation Counsel


 - Strategic Consultancy

Provide advice on domestic and foreign policy, standard operating procedure (SOP), transformation, restructuring, core issues, and identified threats.

Provided a Southeast Asian country’s law enforcement and intelligence personnel and senior leadership with analysis of global terrorism trends.

Briefed several European countries’ intelligence services on high-risk themes including jihadist terrorism and the rising threat stemming from violent white supremacy terrorism.


 - Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Produced different field reports on “Neutralizing HyperTerrorism”  for study in Europe, Africa, Middle East Russia and South America .

Advised a southern European government on how to address its growing migrant population and accompanying terrorism threat.

Provided a private Southeast Asian company with a geopolitical threat assessment during political upheaval.

Analysed terrorist risk in Southern Asian countries, with a focus on capacity, recruitment, fund-raising, and links to organized crime.

Researched the threats of returning foreign fighters and suggested changes in domestic and transnational policies and practices.

Advised a nongovernmental organization on terrorism trends in the Sahel and threats to aid workers.

Investigated and mapped the organized crime/terrorism connections in North Africa and the Sahel for a multinational organization.



 - Reputation Risk Investigation

In collaboration with internationally based internet companies experiencing a reputational risk related to allegations that terrorists had used their facilities. Provided the companies concerned a cybersecurity team with threat investigation; technical assessment and strategic development; advanced risk monitoring; red-team testing; enterprise training; governance review; comprehensive information security, risk management and business continuity planning; and auditing detection and cyberalerts.


 - Travel Risk Assessment

Provided various clients with a thorough analysis of geopolitical and criminal concerns with respect to health, cultural practices, immigrations and customs.

Provided multinational companies and private businessmen with travel advisories for company executives doing business in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern and Southern Europe. The travel advisories were tailored to meet the needs of the client and considered geopolitical concerns, terrorism concerns, criminal activity, health concerns, and local customs and practices.

Planned, coordinated, and supervised personal protection for multinational companies and private businessmen/executive and accompanying party traveling in the East and southern Europe. Actions included conducting site security surveys of locations to be visited, coordination with local event security and local law enforcement agencies, analysis of local criminal and terrorist threats, and assessment of the stability of the government.

The executive party received advice on how to travel safely and minimize becoming a target of crime. Due to strong personal relationships developed over many years, we can liaise with local Embassies to provide client assistance and guidance.


 - Cyber Risk Assessment

Provide comprehensive cybersecurity support - from planning and prevention to investigation, response, and recovery - to ensure that physical and digital assets remain safe and secure, thereby enhancing both company operations and brand strength.

Conducted a discreet investigation for a high-profile non-profit compromised by an extremist organization that gained access to its online platform to manipulate, vandalize, and destroy content.

Personnel Investigation/Vetting

Deploy investigative and analytical skills to conduct thorough, discreet background investigations of current and potential employees, suppliers, and business partners.

Investigation Counselling

Provide investigative and consultative services including foreign compliance, threat review, and risk management.

Provide investigative support to private companies on sensitive matters.



Market Advisory

We help companies navigate new markets across the globe by suggesting optimal strategies and effective operations addressing both commercial expansion and brand reputation, safety, and integrity.

Whether identifying viable markets, introducing local partners, designing tailored outreach and marketing strategies, addressing emergent threats with market expansion risk assessments, or assisting with adherence to local compliance regulations, we help clients maximize opportunity while minimizing risk as they expand safely throughout the world.

Our focus is on managing complex political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental, cultural, and institutional issues.


Market Expansion Risk Assessment

Introduction to Local Partners

Local Compliance


 - Market Expansion Risk Assessment

Introduced companies including automotive, telecommunication, alternative energy and health, transport services sectors to relevant public and private sector parties in the Middle East, Africa and India to discuss geographic expansion of sales distribution.

Connected with public sector representatives regarding regulatory requirements and the private sector regarding business practices and operational logistics.

 - Introduction to Local Partners

Introduced multinational companies and private businessmen company to influential individuals in the United Arab Emirates to facilitate discussion of business opportunities.  

Local Compliance

We review and advise on local legislative issues, governance, and compliance for domestic clients both operating in and expanding to overseas.


Security Consulting

Our extensive law enforcement, intelligence, and military experience; our expertise with rogue states, terrorism, and extremist violence; and our focus on geopolitical concerns, tribal conflicts, and the disruptive capabilities of weak governments - all qualify us to provide a unique range of security services, including critical infrastructure and distribution capability assessment; and review of and recommendations for improvements in standard operating procedure, physical site security, event security, and technology and cybersecurity.


  • Critical Infrastructure Assessment
  • Distribution Capability Assessment
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Physical Site Security
  • Event Site Security
  • Technology & Cybersecurity

 - Critical Infrastructure Assessment

Commissioned by a government institution to conduct a security assessment of critical infrastructure including airports and seaports, other transport nodes, water desalination facilities, the electric grid, and information technology networks.

Contracted to review government institution and open source reporting to create threat assessment reports on government buildings, critical infrastructure, and locations designated as areas of international interest.


 - Distribution Capability Assessment

Engaged to identify risks associated with the delivery and distribution of food aid in the Horn of Africa (Somalia and Sudan), and to explore alternative strategies that would help mitigate said risks. This review included briefing the UN on developing security policies associated with food distribution in the region.


 - Standard Operating Procedure 

Responsible for the execution of numerous military and law enforcement operations, security details, and investigations, our personnel guide clients through audits, assessments, recommendations, and   implementation.

Commissioned by Eastern Europe and Asian government to conduct a review of the investigative practices of its law enforcement agencies, and to make recommendations.


 - Physical Site Security

Provide advice to Europe based organizations on appropriate preparedness for on-site incidents; including active shooter training and preparedness in Africa.

Provided a security assessment on various corporation in four key domestic locations to improve physical and cyber-risk management capabilities in order to protect staff, partners, guests, facilities, and reputation.

Conducted a physical and cyber-risk assessment at client’s multiple locations, including those under construction. The goal was to improve the client’s risk-management capabilities and ensure a welcoming, productive, and mission-reflective workspace that was safe and allowed people to feel secure.


 - Event Site Security

Commissioned by a global business forum that required an independent source to review, assess, and provide assurances to businesses attending an annual conference in countries with standing security risks.

This involved a full assessment of the security procedures implemented at both the commissioning organization and hosting companies, including on-the-ground physical assessment, a review of plans and procedures, and interviews with primary event planners and security personnel.

We are providing ongoing review, assessment, consultation, and training for key national agencies in preparation for security requirements associated with regional and national sporting events.

 - Technology & Cybersecurity

Provided a security assessment for international corporation at their current site and at a location under construction.

We have carried out investigations for high-profile non-profit organizations compromised by an extremist organization that gained access to its online platform to manipulate, vandalize, and destroy content.


Disinformation Response

With our insight into and understanding of rogue actors, communications dynamics, social media, and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have developed ways to identify, quantify, and respond to malicious disinformation.

Our goal is to support clients in building societal resilience and countering foreign and extremist influences.

Key project components include: a disinformation/misinformation communications ecosystem model that identifies the communications strategies and tactics of rogue actors; and a disinformation/misinformation assessment and intervention system comprising five core modules—social benchmarking, content classification, outcome predictions and threat assessment, online tracking, and message/media responses.

We provide risk assessment, content identification and threat profiles, and advice and execution on countermeasures.

Risk Assessment

Content Identification and Threat Profile


 - Risk Assessment

Provide a risk assessment methodology to assess and help clients understand modern disinformation threats. The model helps identify and map the communications strategies and tactics of rogue actors who use disinformation and misinformation to seed discord and create division and mistrust.

The model enables users to understand the detailed play of adversaries, and it provides an evidence-based rationale and an informed methodology for deciding appropriate countermeasures.

 - Content Identification and Threat Profile

Provide an Artificial Intelligence-based analytics system for disinformation content identification, classification, and quantification, plus a predictive message-impact and audience-response model informing a threat assessment score.

 - Countermeasures

Advise clients on the development of communications campaigns and on their media/distribution plans to address and respond to identified, quantified disinformation threats.

Disinformation is a threat that requires a “whole of society” response - hence the need for multiple, coordinated messaging components.


 Technology & Innovation

Where products are lacking or are inadequate to meet emerging needs, we collaborate with our specialists to conduct research, invest in, and partner in the design and development of unique, innovative technologies.


 - Product Design & Development

We have designed and produced “specialized kits” as a simple but sophisticated solution to the complex problem of mobile security and threats from spyware and espionage techniques.

We can design and develop analytics and reporting products for the identification and quantification of and response to disinformation.

We partner with technology and data companies on new product development and market deployment if necessary.


Specialized Training

We collaborate closely with clients, analysing their training needs and designing specialized courses to achieve their immediate and long-term objectives. Our student-focused learning philosophy incorporates a hands-on approach to knowledge and skills acquisition, where theories and concepts taught in the classroom are put to practical use through realistic training exercises under the close supervision and mentorship of experienced professionals.


Training Courses

Our comprehensive training library, with fully developed courses, covers a broad spectrum of security-related topics, including programs for intelligence operations and analysis; general criminal, cybercrime, and financial crime investigations; major event security; physical and technical security; cyberforensics; aviation, border, and port security; critical infrastructure protection; and Arab cultural intelligence.

In addition, our tactical training program includes basic and advanced-level courses in firearms, close-quarter battle, rapid operations, VIP protection, and security guard operations.

Provided training in intelligence, investigation, firearms, tactical support, and aviation/maritime port security to over 5,000 law enforcement and other personnel from Middle Eastern countries.

Provided Arab cultural intelligence training for diplomats and other government officials representing the International organizations, two European countries, and one Southeast Asian country.

Provided aviation security training for a major private-owned energy business in 2013 and 2015.

Provided major event security management training for a United Emirate State major client.

Provided training in human source development/handling, interview and interrogation techniques, protective security strategies, and intelligence analysis for several law enforcement organizations in a Southeast Asian country and Eastern Europe.

Provided a Sub-Saharan African country with counsel and training seminars on countering violent extremism with dedicated curriculums for their heads of agencies and policymakers, agency directors, and state-level officials. This program informs their national interior security strategy.

 - Training Facilities

Our principal training facilities are in Switzerland, India and the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies. In addition to courses offered through the training library, the School provides full-time instruction in different world languages.


Speaker Engagements

With our track record of identifying emerging threats a, regional and national security trends and our proven ability to provide insightful, actionable solutions before problems escalate, we are frequently asked to share our expertise and present our research findings.

We have spoken to representatives of national and transnational governments in the European Union and elsewhere, the Middle East, south America,  to the heads of training facilities in Asia, to the UN , through specialized agencies, to senators and security committees, and to the private sector, academic institutions and media organizations.

 - National Governments & Transnational Organizations

Invited to speak and provide expert testimony at numerous events including the United Nations specialized agencies.

 - Forums

Provided keynote address and expert testimony at international events addressing terrorist and domestic threats, offering courses of action to address these threats.

Private Sector Organizations

Industry sectors invite our experts to address and inform delegates at key forums and events.


 - Educational Institutions

Universities and government training facilities regularly request our experts to lecture and discuss developing terrorist trend lines, historical terrorism investigations, and remedies developed by our experts’ experiences.

 - Media Organizations

Our experts are routinely requested to appear on national and international news entities to present their professional assessment on topics ranging from terrorism to criminal matters to geopolitical threats and remedies.

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