Security Consulting
Alpha Global Consulting

 Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting is a firm that provides a wide range of services in the field of Security and Policing.

The firm offers state of the art and tailored consulting and training services, including but not limited to the following areas: Corporate Security, Investigations, Political Risk Assessment, African Business Intelligence Analysis, Counterterrorism, Counter-Piracy, Community Policing, Security equipment, etc.


Contrary to other foreign firms that offer sporadic assistance, we offer continuing assistance and support to our clients. Our consultants have superior knowledge and expertise in every area of services that the firm offers.

We carefully hand select the finest so we diverse group of consultants to serve our clients. We are culturally and professionally competent to deliver quality consultation services to Governments in Africa, Transnational corporations, and other International Agencies that are operating in Africa.


Because of our strong knowledge of the African continent, its people and our innovative approach of improving Security & Policing, whiling taking into consideration, factors such as: Culture Sensitivity, Community Involvement, Respect of Human Rights, Corporate Responsibility, etc., we are seen as the most effective linkage between Africa and the rest of the world when it comes to Policing & Security management.

Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting offers the following training courses to its public and private sector clients.


Training Programs for Government Security Agencies


  • Community Policing and Crime Prevention


  • Criminal Interrogation Techniques


  • Combatting Illegal Drugs Trafficking and Money Laundering in West Africa


  • Political Risk and Treat Assessment


  • International Criminal Justice System


  • Effective Border Control and International Human Rights Obligations


  • Maritime Security Management



Corporate Security Training Workshops


  • Professional Corporate Security Management


  • Executive/VIP/Diplomatic Protection


  • Airport Security Management


  • Occupational Safety & Health


  • Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Management


In addition to these training programs, Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting works with its clients in order to design training courses and workshops that meet their specific needs.


Partnership & Subcontracting Opportunities


Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting is interested in entering into partnership and subcontracting agreements with organizations and other consulting firms in order to conduct security projects and other post-conflict and peace building activities in Africa and elsewhere.

If your organization needs our services or wants to subcontract with us, please contact us 


Security Consultation


Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting provides worldwide bodyguard services to ensure our clients can enjoy safe travel, profitable business and untroubled private lives.

Nothing decreases the quality of these as much as unsafe situations and uncertainty.

To prevent this, we provide our clients around the world with tailor made bodyguard services.

For every location, time or situation we have a solution to keep you, your loved ones and valuable assets safe.


Terrorists, extremists, activists and criminals are different from you and me. They lack any moral consciousness or remorse, they will not hesitate to use violence to get what they want.

Your position, status, occupation, hard earned wealth, and even the place you live makes you a legitimate target from their perspective.


 They think they have the right to take what is yours and destroy what we, as humans, have accomplished, which is the right to live in freedom and safety with your loved ones and to enjoy what you have worked for so hard.


The effects of violence to you and the ones you love can be:


  • Death


  • Physical harm


  • Loss of property and valuables


  • Loss of quality of life


  • Stress


  • Inability to excel in your profession


  • Decreasing company profits


Hoping that you will never become a target is like hoping you win the lottery… it might happen but how big is the chance?

Quality and efficient security measures, provided by experienced protection specialists are without a doubt the only answer when others try to take what is rightfully yours, whether material or immaterial.

Your safety and that of your loved ones and valuable assets isn’t something to take lightly. Professional protection often means the difference between being a victim or being the one able to live and work peacefully.


Why clients choose our services


They are threatened by others


Travel to unsafe destinations


Travel to high-risk countries


Having trusted and reliable back-up when working abroad


Protection of their families

Protection of employees and sometimes valuable assets


To create a comfort zone when there is no actual threat


Concerning the Founder

Dr Alpha Grace is a highly knowledgeable intelligence and security expert, operative and PanAfricanist with over twenty years’ experience working independently in and out of the continent, with strategic skills and commitment to duty.

He holds two doctorates and is particularly familiar with countries in Europe and visited the 50 countries in Africa following his consulting services in international organizations,

Dr. Alpha Grace has an in depth knowledge and investigative techniques in asset forfeiture, organised crime activities  and clandestine operations, cross border narcotics and human smuggling and  money laundering investigations and has worked across the continent providing strategic, operational and tactical security advice to hundreds of organisations.

Based in Europe, Dr Alpha Grace is the Director of Alpha Grace Multidisciplinary Consulting, Africa’s innovative and growing security provider; risk management and brand protection organisation. Dr Alpha Grace also sits on the boards of multiple charities organisations.